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Those of you who know me know I try to cook everything, well almost.  This habit probably stems out from my poor, hungry days as a home-sicked student at Smith, and even when I was at grad school at HBS, where I would whipped out rendang and nasi kunyit from my $9.95 mini rice cooker (a nod to Tigerfish’s Everything Rice Cooker although ironically her post this week contradicts my next statement!).  But there are just some foods that you just don’t try to attempt making it at home.  Bakwa, bak kwa or more fondly known as “long yoke” (translated, fox meat) for us KL-lites, is one of those things you leave to the professional.  After over 3 decades in the US, I finally found a US source for this delicacy!  Little Red Dot Kitchen‘s bakwa is amazingly authentic.  I am sure many die-hard, food-obsessed Malaysians, have, or considered doing, sneaked this snack pass customs at SFO or LAX, but now no more!  Yay!  Just love long yoke esp during Chinese New Year.

This is my first post that doesn’t include a recipe — you really don’t want to be sitting out there grinding up pork, turning them into meat leathers through smoking or slow and low fire in the oven, and then labor over a char coal grill turning out these delicious morsels that will be gone as soon as you lift them off the grill!  Based in Santa Clara, CA and only available online, Little Red Dot Kitchen makes their bakwa on-demand so you get them pretty much a day or two after they are made.   The only thing missing compared to the real stuff from home, is the smell and the rustle sound of the layers of translucent parchment paper that long yoke is traditionally packaged in.

OK, now that that’s taken care of, you will have tons of time on your hand to make a complete Chinese new year dinner.  Here are some of the symbolic foods recipes from Flavor Explosions:

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Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

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