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* Pickled Green Chilies with Sichuan Peppercorn

Posted on July 5th, 2014 by Linda. Filed under Chili Peppers, Cuisine, Malaysian, Sides.

Malaysians love their pickled green chilies.  Always present at a wonton noodle stall, or packed with a Cantonese noodle “ta pau”, it adds the acid and heat to dishes.  Here, I added some green sichuan peppercorn for a citrusy aroma.  The “ma” numbness is not present due to the vinegar.


Pickled Green Chilies


6 green jalapeno, seeds and core removed, sliced into rings

1 Tablespoon green Sichuan peppercorn

1 cup white vinegar

Place al ingredients in a jar and refrigerate.  Will be ready in 3 days.  Keeps for a year.




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* Gojujang

Posted on March 15th, 2014 by Linda. Filed under Chili Peppers, Cooking Method, Cuisine, Korean, Slow.

We needed to make a gluten-free gojujang for class today, and realized most of the store-bought ones had wheat in it,  but thanks to Google, I came across this recipe which turned out to be very good.  We cooked it longer, and reduced the sugar.  It tasted fresh and clean, but is missing the depth from the fermentation.  This recipe is adapted from the Gluten Free Victory site.

1/2 cup water
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup miso
1/4 cup Korean red pepper
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon sake
1/2 teaspoon rice wine vinegar

Dissolve sugar in water.  Add miso and whisk to a smooth paste.  Add pepper powder, vinegar and salt and continue to cook under a low heat until the mixture becomes a smooth thick paste, about 20 minutes.

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* Acar

Posted on July 21st, 2011 by Linda. Filed under Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Chili Peppers, Cucumber, Eggplant, Entree, Malaysian, Nyonya, Salads, Sides, Stir Fry, Vegan, Vegetarian.


Ah Ma, my father’s mother, made the most delicious acar.  She learned from her nyonya mother-in-law, Ah Chor, the lady we thought looked like the little old lady in the 1960’s sitcom, Beverly Hillbillies, in a kebaya!  Ah Ma’s acar is so well pickled, it could have lasted for months if we didn’t devour it all in a week!  Her trick was to wring the blanched vegetables real dry.  I never really appreciated the nyonya heritage in my dad’s family until much later when I got interested in cooking and realized that my grandmother was probably one of the best nyonya cooks around.  Since then, it’s been an endless effort to recreate many of her recipes from the memory of taste.  This is one of them.

Chef’s tip: Use a salad spinner to remove as much water as possible from the blanched vegetables.  Pack acar tightly in a glass jar and keep refrigerated.  Like kimchi, it will keep for several weeks.

Spice Paste:
10 dried long Asian chilies, rehydrated in water or fresh Fresno chilies, seeded
2 stalks lemongrass, sliced thinly
2 slices galangal
1 piece fresh turmeric, about 1 Tablespoon, sliced
8 shallots
3 cloves garlic
1 Tablespoon roasted belachan
4 candlenuts

2 carrots peeled
¼ head cauliflower
1 Japanese Eggplant
½ small savoy cabbage
12 Chinese long yard beans
1 English Cucumber, seeded

½ cup canola oil
1 cup white vinegar
½ cup of sugar
1 Tablespoon kosher salt

1 cup roasted peanuts, crushed
1/4 cup sesame seeds, toasted

1. In a food processor or blender, grind chilies, lemongrass and galangal till fine. Add remaining spice paste ingredients and process till smooth. Add a little water if needed. Set aside.
2. Cut all vegetables into 1 inch juliennes. Cut cauliflower into small florets.
3. Blanch vegetables. Blanched carrots, cauliflower and eggplant till tender, about 3 minutes, and cabbage and long beans two minutes. Spin and squeeze vegetables very dry. Add in cucumber.
4. Heat oil on medium high. Fry spice paste till fragrant, red and oil has separated, about 7-10 minutes. Add vinegar, sugar and salt. Fry till fragrant about 10 minutes. Taste for seasoning. Remove from heat.
5. Mix in vegetables and toss to mix. Add peanuts and sesame seeds and mix to combine.  Let it sit for at last 30 mins for flavors to come together.  Can be prepared in advance.  Serve room temperature or chilled.

Serves: 6

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